Afternoon Workshop – You Are More Resilient than You Know

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There are times when you think, ‘I can’t take any more…’  And then something else happens that calls for your attention and support and you do it – well and wholeheartedly. And you don’t feel tired either. So, what can we learn about what is happening when we feel it’s all too much and what training and practice is needed to be able to switch from overwhelm to overcome, when the need arises? Find out more about how to rediscover those inner resources that may be temporarily out of sight but are just waiting for you to re-energise them.

Rachel Priestman has been studying and practising Raja Yoga for 12 years. She’s amazed by the changes it has enabled her to make in her life, so that it’s now more peaceful and purposeful – and infinitely more enjoyable. A former public relations and arts management consultant, she worked for seven years for the University of Cambridge. For three years she lived at the Global Retreat Centre at Oxford, helping as a carer. She’s now based at the UK National Co-ordinating Office and involved in writing and public relations activities at Global Co-operation House in London.


Brigitte Fohanno, originally from France, has been practising Raja Yoga meditation for over 25 years and living at the Global Retreat Centre since 2000.  Brigitte’s main interest is to understand the subtle aspects that impact our own state of consciousness and find ways to enable our highest potential to emerge. Her ability to trust and empower others, are among the qualities she brings to the Global Retreat Centre.