Residential Retreats On Offer

Meditation Retreat (Inner Peace, Inner Power)

Who can attend? This retreat is for anyone, however, those who have already attended a meditation retreat at GRC or a meditation course at a BK centre are not eligible.

About the Retreat: An introduction to Raja Yoga: an understanding and meditation practice that renews inner resources of peace, love and joy to strengthen character, enabling us to face life's many challenges.

Social and Health Care Professionals

Who can attend? There are two separate retreats for those working in the public, private and voluntary sectors, namely one for social and health care staff and another for social and health care managers and educators.

  • Social workers and social care professionals
  • Health care managers

About the Retreat: Each retreat provides an opportunity for participants to:

  • Relax and re-charge in a peaceful and nurturing environment
  • Reflect upon their inner values
  • Share spiritual insights and skills for self-care and empowerment

Sessions are a balanced mix of reflection, presentation and discussion, tied together with the invisible threads of meditation and silence.

i-Liberate: Living Beyond Limitation

Who can attend? A residential retreat for young, inspired adults aged 18 - 35.

About the Retreat: Freedom is intricately connected with inner strength...having the strength to choose how I think, feel and respond to life...having the strength to do what I deeply want from the inside, even when that goes against my automatic habits and patterns. Freedom is having the strength to stand alone, independent of all my ego supports, and know that I am deeply okay.  This retreat offers an opportunity to take some time to write, reflect, discuss and unite ideas using a creative blend of active engagement, journaling, dialogue, meditation and play.

Living Values Education (run by Living Values in conjunction with the Brahma Kumaris)

November Seminar

Who can attend?  For education professionals, working with children and young people.

About the Retreat: It is designed to revitalise the educator and investigate a topic of current interest in education.



Living with Cancer

Who can attend?  Anyone whose life has been affected by cancer. Attendees must be relatively fit and mobile as there are no doctors or nurses in attendance and only minimal facilities for people with limited mobility. Participants are welcome to bring a carer with them. Carers will be given the opportunity to play an active part in the retreat and to share their experience with other carers. Priority will be given to people who have not stayed at the Retreat Centre before.

About the Retreat: Through a mixture of experiences - talks, workshops and meditation exercises - you will have the opportunity to:
• Relax and share insights and inspirations with like-minded people
• Explore the benefits of meditation
• Renew your inner strength and power
• Learn spiritual tools that will make your life easier.

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer are one of the greatest challenges we can face as human beings. Its impact is huge as everyone involved is brought face to face with their mortality, often when they least expect it. At the same time, it can provide us with an opportunity to learn and grow.

Dealing with cancer can be part of a powerful spiritual journey in which we re-evaluate our priorities, improve the quality and depth of our relationships and find the peace and love, which often lie at the heart of the healing process.

Please note:
We are not medical experts. The retreat is designed to complement, not undermine, medical treatment, or decisions about treatment.

Applications and Contact:  If you would like to be considered for a place on a future retreat please email John McConnel at