Residential Retreats

session-largeAll residential retreats have been suspended for the time being because of a plumbing emergency.  We will contact you as soon as the retreats resume. If you’d like to be kept informed, please follow the link at the bottom of this page.

A weekend meditation retreat at the Global Retreat Centre provides guidance in meditation and the development of spiritual wisdom. Sessions are led by experienced members of the Brahma Kumaris University. In between sessions, there is time to rest, relax and explore the beautiful grounds at Nuneham Park that overlook the River Thames, with areas for solitude, personal study and walks … and the riverside is an ideal place for reflection. The Retreat Centre also offers guests the opportunity to stay in a pure, serene and spiritual environment, where vegetarian diet and abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes is observed. Accommodation is provided in twin bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. retreat-john-largeThe Global Retreat Centre also hosts retreats to serve a broad spectrum of the community. Specific groups of professionals can explore the meaning, relevance and application of spirituality in their profession, such as architecture, business, education, health, interfaith, prisons, psychology, science, social services, youth. There is no charge for attendance at our retreats or events. However, your donations are gratefully accepted so that others may also take benefit. It was a principle established by the founding members of the spiritual university that there could be no price tag on spirituality. However, although all work is carried out voluntarily by practicing meditators, there are, of course, substantial costs involved in running the retreat centre, so your contributions are gratefully accepted.

The Retreat Centre Team

The residents are committed to a lifestyle conducive to deepening their own spiritual awareness and experience.  It includes daily regular meditation practice, spiritual study, celibacy, a vegetarian diet, and a life of service, helping others on their spiritual journey.  They carry out all aspects of the functioning of the Retreat Centre, including cooking, cleaning, gardening, maintenance, administration, and teaching.   This creates a beautiful atmosphere which we feel sure you will experience from the moment you arrive.

During your stay

To take optimum benefit from the peaceful atmosphere, as well as to support others, please bear in mind the value of experimenting with solitude during your stay, and refraining from intimate behaviour.  You may also wish to bring a notebook and pen so as to capture your realisations and experiences.

Who can attend?

These retreats are for beginners. They are not for those who:

  • have attended a residential retreat at GRC before (contact a local Brahma Kumaris centre for follow-up courses)
  • are in contact with a Brahma Kumaris centre (contact your centre directly)
  • are under 18 years of age

How do I know which is the right retreat for me?

To find out about which retreats are on offer, what they entail and who they are best suited for, please click here.