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Covid-19: Activities Update

We have suspended most of our public activities in the interests of Public Health and are closely following the unfolding advice on the Corona virus from the UK Government and Public Health England.   Please check for any upcoming events we can offer. Also remember to take time for self reflection and meditation, as a calm mind is very helpful at such times.  Thank you for your continued support.

Take a look at the glorious grounds! Come and experience for yourself – current covid guidelines permitting of course.

At the moment we are closed and beavering away behind the scenes on essential renovations so you can enjoy this magnificent place again as soon as possible.

Click here to be informed of re-opening.


Since 1993, the Global Retreat Centre near Oxford has welcomed thousands of people from across the world. The Centre offers residential and one-day retreats, as well as lectures, seminars and courses on meditation, personal growth and spiritual development.

It is administered by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University UK – a registered charity since 1975. Around the world the Brahma Kumaris work in local communities in more than 120 countries, teaching Raja Yoga Meditation as a way of life to experience peace of mind and a positive approach to life. Locally, our services are offered via an extensive network of professional trained volunteers, right in the heart of communities. 

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Thought for Today

Greater Success in Co-operation

If you think you can do something alone, either because you don’t trust others to do it or because you feel you are the most qualified…

* you will always be busy doing everything
* you will be unhappy with others because they are not doing what you want
* you will be dissatisfied

It is more effective to invest your time in training and developing others.  There is greater success in cooperation

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